Annual Reports 

Wayne started out specializing in corporate annual reports which 
is one of the most important ways that companies communicate 
with their investors and the media. That experience taught him how 
to think big, work hard, the devil is in the details and meet 
deadlines. Below we will share a few of Wayne's most popular 
annual report designs both past and present.
Friendly Inn 2021 Cleveland, OH
 Friendly Inn is a one hundred and forty-five year old organization that has has a role in changing the outcome of this nation here in northeast 
Ohio. Wayne skillfully wanted to establish this historical fact and show how the organization is still changing and impacting the lives today. However we wanted depict the effort made towards children. And show the fundraising outcomes as of to date.
Cleveland Indians 2016 Cleveland, OH
 This amazing organization has had a hand in giving to northeast Ohio for many decades. Wayne created a diversity, equity and inclusion perspective to the brands annual report. We demonstrated how the organization gifted, to whom and their outcomes. This 65 page report sustained the overall brand image and will be one of the last annual reports given by the Cleveland Indians now known as the 
Cleveland Guardians. Congratulations on the name change team!
Katalyst Group 2019 Cincinnati, OH
Rhonda Crowder & Associates LLC

 This report intended to bring awareness throughout the state of Ohio not only within African American communities but within the Fortune 500 community as well. Wayne utilized his experience to bridge that gap of awareness. There continues to be substantial public and private investment in building the tech start-up sector; it is essential that the beneficiaries be reflective of the communities in which they operate. Ethnic minority participation in the tech sector continues to be a challenge.
GHS Security 2014 Houston, TX
Security Dealer Marketing Inc.,
 This report became a 2014 Security Industry Award winner for best design. Wayne presented a modern style to refresh this brand in Texas and presented the company with a diversity and inclusion approach to expand it's market share.
Los Angeles Times Events 2004 Los Angeles, CA 
 As an Art Director for the nations largest circulation newspaper Wayne's internal client 
list included Los Angeles Times Events. Events are a key competencies to improving the lives 
of southern Californians and creating awareness for the regions books, health, travel and kid industries. Wayne was challenged to design 
the outcomes for these events with analytics, testimonials, photography, writing and design.

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