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One of my key areas of creative services is developing a brand’s logo, which is much more than just an image. I believe the logo is a point of recognition for clients and an important foundation for the branding of a company.
 Beatrice Cultural Center Beatrice, AL A non-profit 501 (c)3 dedicated to 
providing African Americans a platform 
to understand civic engagement, 
enhance the cultural focus of the community. Through the empowerment of children, youth, families and communities; by promoting opportunities for healthy social emotional, 
physical and cognitive growth. Wayne designed 
a logo that captured the feeling they wanted 
via a handshake within a heart.
Greenwood Experiment
Cleveland, OH Is a Cleveland Metropolitan School District 
After-School Curriculum program that can be embedded into secondary curriculum in alignment with ODE common core standards in-person 
or virtually.
 African American
Information Agency Cleveland, OH A non-profit 501 (c)3 dedicated to 
providing African Americans a platform 
to understand civic engagement, 
inventors history, the sate of Black America 
and how to destroy illiteracy in Black neighborhoods. The client wanted a contemporary appeal for their product awareness projects.
Hough Reads Cleveland, OH Wayne is the Associate Director and Creative Director for this organization which is providing and giving away free books, encouraging the community to develop a love and joy 
of reading.
Rhonda Crowder & Associates A Creative Services Agency Cleveland, OH This is a creative services agency that wanted a creative appeal with their logo to define their objective which is to have their clients reach for the stars.
CodeM Magazine
Cleveland,OH Is a magazine product with a mass appeal to men. The goal of the logo is to personify Code Men and provide a platform for the new Black male for the 21st century.
Colorful Cleveland
Cleveland,OH Colorful Cleveland was a weekly variety show that celebrates our unique and diverse amateur to professional talents. This two hour live show is jammed pack with talents, comedy fun and much more.
B-Buzz Baseball League
Cleveland,OH As a player within this league as a child. I am confident you can anticipate the heart felt opportunity it meant to me to make a 
difference with the league's logo some 
50 years later. So I wanted to hit this out 
the park and I believe we did as a team 
with the "New" vision of B-Buzz Baseball.
Anabi Oil Corporation
Ontario, CA A retail filling station has been a proud family owned and operated business for more than 20 years. Located in Southern California the vendor operates 75 gas stations on the west coast and wanted to position the brand as easily identified and with a mass appeal for family and excellent services.
Chaka Khan
Los Angeles, CA As the Art Director for the 10 Time Grammy Award winner Wayne was contracted for 10 years and the first challenge was to refresh the vocal icons logo and make it a logo of today. Featuring Chaka's autograph signature her fans from around the globe have seen the past 20 years.
Los Angeles Times "KidCity" Los Angeles, CA A Los Angeles Times event that was developed to capture the attention of the kids in the Los Angeles basin to attend an event that was dedicated to them "The Kids" The event attendees totaled some 76 thousands kids for a 3 day event on the campus of USC.
Beauty By Jeunique International
Walnut, CA Beauty by Jeunique was a leading manufacturer and distributor of both men and woman's beauty and fashion needs in Southern California and worldwide. A direct sales company, Jeunique had 
more than 4,000 active representatives in the U.S., New Zealand, Canada and Europe. Wayne was contracted to refresh the brand and he started 
with the logo to give a more sexy appeal for their product appearances to come.
Los Angeles Times "Travel Show"
Los Angles, CA A Los Angeles Times event that was developed to capture the attention of the Travel industry in the Los Angeles to attend an event that was dedicated to them "Travel" The event attendees totaled some 20 thousands travelers per day for a 3 day event on the Longbeach Convention Center.

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