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Collette Elementary School in the CMSD (Cleveland Metropolitan School District) achieved poor report card outcomes for it's 3rd graders due to their inability 
to read at grade level. As current Little Free Library initiative coordinators in the Hough community in Cleveland under Hough Reads. My partner Rhonda Crowder 
& Associates LLC., took on the challenged to engaged students with a program 
modeled after the Hough Reads and called it Dickens Reads. But with a twist, the program would include tutoring for reading with 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. Wayne was contracted to develop what Dickens Reads will look like and it all 
began with a logo for students to easily identify. Now in it's second year, Collette 
Elementary has seen some progress with their students ability to read and one 
other accolade. Dickens Reads won a PRS (Public Relations Society) 
"Community Award" in Cleveland for 2021.

Dickens Reads Logo

All important logo for students, teachers and

parents to easily identify the programs that offers

students tutoring.

Dickens Read Flyer

All the collateral leave behinds,

including the business cards had

to easily adopt the vision of hope.

Dickens Reads "Parent Night" digital flyer

All the collateral leave behinds and digital

deliverables including business cards had

to easily adopt the vision of hope.

As the Associate Coordinator and Creative Director for Hough Reads, a Little Free 
Library initiative in the Hough community of Cleveland, OH. Along with Rhonda Crowder & Associates LLC., Wayne was challenged to develop the humble beginnings of the Hough Reads brand from scratch, create awareness within the community and address the problem of illiteracy. The solution was to provide a platform wherein the residents of Hough can achieve a love and joy of reading. We implemented a strategic plan with the headline "Change the Game" and that was the start of our quest to change the minds within the community about reading and it all began with the creation of the logo. Non-Profits / Hough Reads

Style Guide


Wayne is methodical in the development of

a brand as he does research on colors and

font usage in order to create a style guide.

This brand required a consistent theme of

hope and the logo, fonts and colors are all

key to sustain that vision of the community

engagement. From banners to business cards

and the logo.

Business Cards

All the collateral leave behinds,

including the business cards had

to easily adopt the vision of hope.


Image is everything and we wanted

to position the brand to be called upon

for direction, free book giveaways and

being seen by the community as credible.

This credibility needed to translate to

potential donors as well. The leave

behind experience had to be consistent.



All the collateral leave behinds,

including the business cards had

to easily adopt the product appearance
and become the initial point of reference

to all the company's direct sales force.

Wayne wanted to give the reps a reason

to get out in front and compete with

their competitors.

Save-the-day Postcards

The key way to reach residence with the Hough

community was through flyers and postcards for

easy access and awareness consistent with the

brand image.


Speakers Flyers

Create digital products for

community awareness and
donor support through literary
author readings.


Tchotchke Giveaways

Another way we can create community

awareness and donor support is through
tchotchke giveaways. However, the
consistency of the brand is key. We feel
strongly we have accomplished this
in our products.


Website Presence

The brand awareness for the non-profit

would not be complete without a website

presence that supports the overall brand

strategy of a community developing

a love and joy of reading.

Street Light Pole Banner Campaign

Finally an impact way to reach audiences

both pedestrians and automobile traffic is

a street light pole banner campaign. We

utilized local residence and business community

within Hough to demonstrate a love and

joy of reading.

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